WIP Models

Nightwatch character (was a test for paint-over workflow):

Early Environment development (Modeled the cafe/city first which was soon cut from cinematic, but still part of the larger storyline):

Project Rain

This is a production blog for the 3D animation/video game produced by Darik Smith at Sheridan College. Check out the work in progress art from above links and stay hyped for the April 2015 release.

This film is being produced with Unreal Engine 4. What does that mean? Generally 3D films spend a long production time in the rendering phase where the computers magically transform the 3D data and lighting into thousands of 2D images the audience can view. However a game engine like Unreal has the ability to render several of these images a second depending on the power of GPU and other things. In recent years computers have become so strong that these game engines are able to handle visuals at almost cinematic levels of quality. Since the film is being produced using a fully functional game engine, as an added bonus it can be easily turned into a video game. Double win!