Project Rain

Project Rain is the code name for a 3D animation/video game property produced by Darik Smith. Required to produce a one minute short film in Sheridan College's final year of animation, Darik took advantage of Unreal Engine 4 to bypass render times. As an added bonus of being a game engine, it was easy to create game mechanics to compliment the cinematic part of the project. Visual scripting the game with 'Blueprints' versus a programming language also made this possible for a single artist.

You can view the cinematic and gameplay demo below or by clicking on 'Project Rain Cinematic' above which contains more credits. Production art and renders are listed above as well and under 'Behind the Scenes' you can view some making of articles which take a closer look at the development of Project Rain.

In addition to this blog, there is a WIP thread on Polycount:
And a dedicated section on Darik Smith's portfolio website:

If you enjoy the art direction or anything else about Project Rain, please contact Darik Smith. While this remains a student project as of April 2015, there are ideas to expand upon this universe and develop an episodic game with more story driven content. In order for this to happen the developer will need more experience, time, help and support, so do your part by contacting the artist and sharing your support! More news will come in the far future.

Thanks for stopping by and remember flashlight safety.